At the edge of the Nijmegen border, a small agency is working on new ways to help businesses reach their goals everyday. We are perfectionists and only the best gets released from our factory. It is our mission to make every project a pleasant experience for our clients. In a world where everything should be faster and easier, we still focus on delivering that peaceful experience and the level of service that coincides with it. We, of course, also know how to maintain that level of service with strict deadlines. We are only happy if our client is happy.

With 12 years of in-house Pharmaceutical experience, we have made many tools that Pharmaceutical companies are still using every day. Many of our clients are involved in the Healthcare industry, but we also have many other clients in other sectors.


We are wide-ranging in the solutions that we offer and are always using new, up to date, tools to help our clients. Although we cover many different services, our main interests are outlined below.



Are you a sales rep? Or are you looking for something interactive to entertain vistors on your stand? Then eDetailers are the perfect solution. The eDetailer is  an interactive tool to show your product on a tablet. Make life quicker and gain more time to talk with your potential client with an eDetailer. We offer many solutions when it comes to eDetailing and have made many within the Pharmaceutical world. Some are shown in our projects overview.


Whether you need us to build an eLearning module or design a eLearning module for you, we are happy to help. We also love to discuss together with our client about how we can make the content as simple as possible for the end user to interact with. Developing infographics, setting up the right video or shorting the text to a more understandable level are just some of the things we can provide. These adjustments can make the difference in the users learning process. Learn from your users by storing results and connecting the eLearning module to one of todays CLM solutions.

UI/UX design

You already have your developer but you are missing the designer that can make your App or website pop out? We can help you with this. We love to design Apps and websites and are always thinking about the interaction between screens and make them an interactive experience for the end user. And reassure your developer, because we do name our layers. We only deliver the best, so that your developer can immediately start coding.

Graphic design

Just want some graphical stuff done? No problem, we still love paper work. We do many graphical work, such as Brochures, packaging design, roll-up banners or work out your new identity. We are more than happy to help you out. Want something fancy? We can also help you with finding the right printer that can produce that special peace of art that we design for you. These days, in a digital world, you can also make an impact with some beautiful detailed printed promotional material.


More coming soon....


We are extremely proud of our clients, but even more proud of being able to provide them tools that helped increasing their business.

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© 2016. Vectar Media - All Rights Reserved.
© 2016. Vectar Media - All Rights Reserved.